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The Deficit Model (Week 4, MOOC)

Posted by arlekeno on September 13, 2013

IF we think in terms of the Deficit model, i.e. helping people who need help, e.g. job-seekers, then we start to think of the community as not an equal partner. 


Good Enough + Satisficing.

working an imperfect system to get best solution… E.g. Wikipedia, not the best but really easy.

-We have to make a good enough, best guess in a world with imperfect information-

it is the best we think we can do with the info we have with the system we know.

(But Wikipedia is a GREAT starting point).

This is not necessarily a deficit ( which is what many in Education think). If we get students to expand on these best gets, and show them how, we can show them how to do better with not much extra effort, Maximum Effect, Minimum cost.

Advocacy or Remediation:

The Approach we use affects the services with offer, and thus how we act, and how our patrons react to us ( for good or bad).     E.G> look at Tech Skills.

Remediation approach: Fixing a problem.

REMEDIATION: Low Income Access, Elderly
ACTIVITY: Workshops ,Kindle Book Loading


Advocacy approach:  Promotion

PROMOTION: Publishing Economic Development
ACTIVITY: Hack-a-thons Tech Petting Zoos

Yes our communities have problems. Yes we
should seek to solve them. Yet you motivate
community action through aspirations, not
constant reminders of failings.

We are not outside the community, helping them lift themselves up, we are part of the community. We need to give them the Aspirations.



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