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Kill the User. (Syracuse University iSchool).

Posted by arlekeno on September 10, 2013

Information is not a thing, it is not extracted and removed. is it observed? Copied?

The user view of Library patron/customer.  VERSUS the view of participation.

The user view does say that If the system does not help the user to the info, it is useless.

But the User is still separate from the information.

compare that to a platform, e.g. iphone. You download the apps you want. e.g. facebook, you have a platform but you do all the info for it.


History of User-Orientation

Grew Out of a Systems Perspective

Defines a Simplistic Dialog

Not Social
• Increasingly Synonymous with Consumer

Those Who Championed “User-Based” are
Abandoning It as Too Limited

Quest for a Better Term: Participant,
Member, Creator, Prosumer…

Don’t construct the perfect front page for users. Let them build their own home page. We are participants in the community.

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