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Week 4: Community & “Share, Don’t Lend”.

Posted by arlekeno on September 9, 2013

Week 4 Introduction

This week’s content will focus on issues withing the community and how librarians engage with that community.

Topic Overview

  • View the library as an institution that helps a community share resources and expertise, rather than as  storehouse of resources owned by the library.
  • View the members of the community more than as users who consume services and lack investment in the library as an institution.
  • Viewing community members as aspirations and dreams, instead of deficits and problems.
  • Review criticisms of new librarianship and the Atlas of New Librarianship.

 Share, Don’t lend.

  1. Sharing: Combining resources together to
    create a richer commons
  2. Lending: Allowing people to borrow from a
    common resource

The more you share, the more you have, the more you lend, the less you have. (dinner party v pot luck)

Libraries are like dinner parties, if we get one copy of a book, only one person can have it at a time. Even if you link to other libraries. This is the limitation of lending libraries. Wait lists.

The original subscription library, everyone brought in their own resources. We can do this with the community, with their resources or skills. The Library as platform. Library has collection, but through the library, we can share amongst the community.




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