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Grand Challenges of Librarianship

Posted by arlekeno on September 6, 2013

A Societal-Level Problem That is Solvable
and Has High Potential Rewards

Lifelong Learning
P-20 First generation to not do better than their parents
P-20: Preparing Students to Engage in an Academic Culture
P-20: Higher Education: Fixing an Increasingly Broken Model
How to Credential Knowledge

The Science of Facilitation
From Disintermediation to Facilitation (librarian, educator, curator, journalist, publisher)
Representing and Organizing Complex Knowledge
Processing Massive Scale Data

Balancing Local v. Global Perspectives
Identity (personal, community, etc) in a connected society
Local Concerns (Environment, Economy)
Engaged Citizenry (Democracy)
Transferring Local Information to the larger society

From Consumers to Participants
Move away from information as something to be consumed to something to nourish society (civic contribution)
From Jobs to Monetizing Knowledge Work
Equality of Access for the 21st Century (who owns the information/walled gardens of access to cultural knowledge)

Pressures for Change: Demographics, changes in the marketplace, networks.

Knowledge society with a Knowledge economy. This regulates how we prioritise.

People, Technology, Sources and permissions.

The Grand Challenge:
Coordinating the Knowledge Infrastructure to Unlock the
Potential and Passions of Society


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