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Why Libraries?

Posted by arlekeno on September 5, 2013

Do we still need libraries?


Collective Buying Agent – Economic Stimulus – Centre of Learning – Safety net – Steward of Cultural Heritage – Cradle of Democracy – Symbol of Community Aspirations.

Collective Buying Agent:

Pooling resources. 1 library for all community ( or many libraries in a cohort)

Does it make sense in this day and age?  HELL YES!!

Copyright, pay barriers… e.g. EBSCO. and we only rent them!

TEXSHARE SAVES $90,000,000 a year for members! 

Collective buying agency must be for collective access. (and again, Freegal bad)

Economic Stimulus:

Ooh, numbers! In Indiana, the community gets $2.38 in direct benefit for every dollar spent! not to mention generating economic activity! In Wisconsin, each dollar of investment returns $4.06.

(Spending of library and library salaries, saving community money and soft benefits as well).

Centre of Learning:

Libraries going from Information settings to Learning settings.

The two standard models at the moment are –

People University/Agora ( we have the info)  Or  Instructional Libraries. (Teach)

Facilitation of learning is not passive, we need to know how to teach… That includes, making modules, presenting and assessing.

More Numbers. If you have a trained librarian in your school library, you get A LOT of improved scores over those which don’t.

Cushing Academy via Boston, got rid of a lot of books… But Hired A lot more librarians. And now the students want access to them 24/7


Public School at the public library. -The rise of the badge ( Mozilla foundation)

Library Granted Degree.

Safety Net: well duh!

Govt info or job info only available via internet. For 3/4 of USA community the library is only internet access. (not to mention time of crisis) or a Physically safe place.

Stewards of Culture:

Same as always, but also a new culture, the now.

Cradle of Democracy:

Transparency, access, education… PARTICIPATION ( a key of new librarianship)

Aspirational Symbol:

What we want to be ( and showing off). 


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