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Syracuse Library MOOC week 3 notes: Libraries.

Posted by arlekeno on September 5, 2013

Week 3 Introduction

This week’s content will focus on libraries as institutions. The week will begin Monday, July 22 and end Sunday, July 28.

Topic Overview

  • What is the mission of a library and aspects of a good mission statement?
  • What are the justifications for libraries as institutions?
  • Seeing the library as a less a place and more as a necessary function throughout the communtiy.
  • How libraries and libraraians can work together to improve society as a whole.

Video: The Mission of Libraries: Expect more than books.

More than books, the mission is more than the tool, and books are the tool. The Mission is Knowledge.

(also a good history of how libraries became associated with books.)

We no longer have information scarcity, we have attention/time scarcity amongst the information overload.

also have to ADVOCATE! all the same things we advocated to physical resources, we need to advocate for the digital world. Across platforms, copyright, access. EVERYTHING. (think the eBook Battles, fight the artificial scarcity).

Mission Statements:

(just watch the video).



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