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Improving society: Librarians in the community.

Posted by arlekeno on September 2, 2013

We have to help improve society ( but what is improve? )

New Librarianship involves knowledge, facilitation and VALUES…

Our values can compete with the desires of the community.  Pressure of improvement v Pressure of participation.

Value of Learning. All we do is in the name of LEARNING, OPENNESS (which is where we can get a lot of pressure). AND

Intellectual honesty not unbiased. We spend time thinking about things, we are not neutral, but we think about and declare our bias.

Intellectual freedom and safety. A safe place to learn, physical and mentally.


Leadership and innovation.      (in which we discuss Hipster Librarians and we are allowed to fail as well).

There is the idea that innovation is not part of the Job, Lecturer says it is essential part of job. It is good to be a worker bee, but also good to find new and better ways to do our jobs. How can we expect our patrons to adopt change if we wont?


Innovate where you can when you can. Even if it is the smallest part of the job.




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