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MOOC week 2: Communities

Posted by arlekeno on August 30, 2013

Talking about what the users want from us.
We need to facilitate the conversation to create knowledge.
We are under pressure also from where our salary comes from.
Tax, Company, tuition.
We can with patrons create Pressure as well.

In a limited resource within a community you tend to put more pressure on it.
(e.g. in NYC, if you want a coffee, you can shop around, but are not engaged, in a small town though, you have to be active and ask questions).


These conversations will allow libraries to find out what the community wants, which in turn will help us be more useful.


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Knowledge and Language.

Posted by arlekeno on August 28, 2013

From the MOOC on Librarianship by Syracuse Uni. 

Video at

Great line is that “Google assumes you don’t know what you are talking about”

the L0 (l-zero) languae is the language we choose to use. Google substitutes popular searches to make p for most people not knowimg what they talk about.

L1 (l-one) is a system made by experts. e.g. set thesauri. To interact with the system, you need to know it.


We give our patrons a L0 interface, without the extra info Google uses. We can use it coz we understand the subject headings.

User based system view: f the system doesn’t make life easier for the user, the system is useless.

Should we be more like social systems (e.g. facebook) .




Knowledge is created through conversation

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