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Classification: Book Numbers (Exercise 25)

Posted by arlekeno on September 17, 2012

A call number is defined in the Glossary of DDC23 as ‘A set of letters, numerals or other symbols (in combination or alone) used by a library to identify a specific copy of a work. A call number may consist of the class number, book number, and other data as date, volume number, copy number and location symbol.’

The book number is ‘The part of the call number which distinguishes a specific item from other items within the same class number’.

The form of book number employed by SCIS, is normally the first three letters of the ‘main entry’ (an AACR2 concept). This is generally, but not always, the first three letters of the author’s surname.



3:C4 which gives SCIS policy on the creation of book numbers. Note particularly that the book number is normally comprised of the first three letters of the first filing work of the main entry heading. For example, if an item entitled The purple plum had title as main entry the book number would be PUR rather than THE. Hence it is necessary to have a knowledge of the AACR2 rules for determining main entry to be able to create book numbers to current SCIS standards. Note that there are several exceptions to using the first 3 letters of the main entry heading, known as special book numbers and there are also exceptions to the use of special book numbers. Hopefully the introduction of RDA will simplify the assigning of book numbers.

Overview 3:E1 which gives the decisions and interpretations by which book numbers are currently determined.

SCIS book numbers are always given as capitals and are normally placed immediately below the first 3 digits of the classification number (or as close as the type used will allow) e.g.



Or they can be given at the end of the classification number, eg. 791.4572 STA



a. A novel by Robin Klein. KLE (simple book number, author main entry, p. 3-10)  (21.4A AACR2)
b. A colour atlas of the world (title – no known author). COL (simple book number, title main entry)  (21.5A AACR2)
c. A book by Joseph Patrick McNamara. MCN (simple book number, author main entry)  (21.4A AACR2)
d. A book by Joseph Patrick McNamara.

TI (simple book number, author main entry)  (21.4A AACR2) … I THINK SOMEONE STUFFED THE QUESTION UP! I think it is the same as c

e. An item entitled 20 ways to impress a cataloguer – contributions by 7 writers, edited by Mary B. Quiet.

TWE (simple book number, title main entry)  (21.6C2 AACR2)

f. A novel by Julie Anderson-Jones, illustrated by Rolf Clive. AND (simple book number, author main entry)  (21.4A AACR2)
g. A biography of Ned Kelly, the bushranger, by Peter Raddy. KEL (special book number, individual biography, p. 3-9)  (21.4A AACR2)
h. A critical analysis of Jane Austen’s Persuasion by William Clive. AUS (special book number, commentaries and critical works, p. 3-11)  (21.4A AACR2)
i. A Vietnamese folktale, The red wind, (origin unknown) retold by Richard La Sonta. RED (special book number, retellings and adaptions of folk literature, title main entry, p. 3-12).  (21.10A AACR2)



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