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Dewey Decimal Classification Exercises M.Ed (Teacher-Librarianship)

Posted by arlekeno on September 12, 2012

Module 6: Cont…

Study activity

Access the Dewey website (part of OCLC’s website) at and have a look at the ‘Presentation for adults’ powerpoint which provides a brief practical overview of DDC and its role in libraries. It is very ‘book’ oriented, and you might like to consider the role Dewey Decimal Classification can/does play in providing access to other types of resources commonly held in libraries such as DVDs. 

 You may also be interested in the ‘Presentation for kids’ which reformats the same material for use with students.

Well that was a waste of time.

Lets hope the web dewey tutorial is more help.

No, that was pretty pathetic too.

Ok, lets read the Introduction to DDC.

WOW! I think we need to do that one section a day for two weeks! that is DENSE! I think Dewey rules are like English Spelling. I before E except after C (and a few other words we don’t mention). Hopefully the GLOSSARYwill help. it’s only 12 pages~!!

Summaries are always handy


By providing classification numbers from both the full and abridged editions SCIS gives education departments/authorities, or in some instances individual teacher librarians, the opportunity to choose the classification standard most appropriate to their needs. Most primary/elementary school libraries use the abridged version as do many secondary school libraries.

SCIS makes some adaptions and amendments to the Dewey Decimal Classification to make it more suitable to the needs of school libraries. These changes are given in section 3 of SCIS standards for cataloguing and data entry. While you may choose to quickly browse these standards now, detailed instruction in their use will be provided later in this module.

Just a note on our work book : Mortimer, M. (2004). Learn Dewey Decimal Classification Edition 22.

Working your way through the Mortimer workbook is the most time consuming and critical aspect of this module. You need to ensure you allow time over several days to complete the workbook. Two to three hours a night over a week should be seen as a minimum. The time is needed to absorb what you are learning, to gain confidence in your ability to use DDC, to gain familarity with the structure and language of DDC, and to discuss any concerns on the subforum.

2 to 3 hours a night, Every night. this subject is WAY to heavy for a working TL!

Final note for today: I have been read by interneters in Sweeden and SPAIN today. I wonder what they see in my blog?



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