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High Distinction

Posted by arlekeno on September 7, 2012

How I live a HD. My result for my first essay of the course was 26/30, which is I think only the 2nd HD I have had from CSU. It is even more remarkable considering a) My brain was melting by the weekend before it was due and b) I used R2D2’s holographic message in Star Wars as an Example.

This really takes the pressure of the next 2 tasks, which are practical and due (2a) next Monday and (2b) on Canadian Thanksgiving, when I will be visiting my aging Grandmother in Ontario.

I will spend this weekend completing Task 2a, which is on the School Catalogue Information Service Subject Headings. I am currently re-reading the SCISSH guidelines, then I will go through and make final corrections on Saturday to all my answers and finish with putting it all in the official format and referencing.

If I do really well I will have passed the subject with a task to go and can enjoy my trip. Fingers Crossed.

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