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ETL 505 Subeject Heading Exercise 5:

Posted by arlekeno on September 5, 2012

I am thinking.

New South Wales – History – 1851-1900

Education – New South Wales – History

State schools – New South Wales – History. scisshl

Country Schools – New South Wales – History

Braidwood (N.S.W.) – History

Clarke, Thomas,

Clarke, John.


A history of the initial development of Half-­‐time schools in the 1860s. Half-­‐time schools were part of the New South Wales government education system from 1867 to 1950. They were taught by itinerant teachers who traveled between their schools providing an elementary part-‐time education to children in sparsely settled rural areas of New South Wales. A major focus within this work is an exploration of the impact of the bushranger brothers Thomas and John Clarke who roamed the Braidwood district in south eastern New South Wales in the 1860s, and the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Crime in the Braidwood District (released in 1867), on the initial form, nature and placement of the earliest Half-­‐time schools which were largely established in the Braidwood district.

Education – New South Wales. scisshl is obvious, just need to work out if I can add History or years to this.

Yep, it exists, Education New South Wales History or more correctly Education – New South Wales – History. scisshl   (25 entries)

Will need to add a the time period though. Maybe New South Wales, – History – 1860? Will search the headings.

Most appropriate is New South Wales – History – 1851-1900

Country schools

Scope Note
Use for works on schools in country towns and rural areas.
(wont’ mention the teachers though, as it is not about teaching itself). I wil treat Country-Schools the same as schools, and divide it by NSW.

This covers the school and Time period, not sure I need to add anything about traveling teachers though. Will look for half time schools.

May Also add State schools, History, State schools – New South Wales – History. scisshl

Now to deal with the Bushrangers.


And will also add the names according to the Names Rules ( as well as examples on opac)  e.g.

Bibliographic Record Display

Clarke, Thomas, Clarke, John.

Now to build a location, Braidwood (N.S.W.) – History. scisshl (1 example found)


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