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ETL 505 Subject Heading Exercise 4:

Posted by arlekeno on September 4, 2012

Climate Change – Future

Global Warming – Future

Australia – Climate

New Zealand – Climate. scisshl

Papua New Guinea – Climate.

A documentary (recorded to DVD from free to air television) on the projected global warming of Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand Papua New Guinea over the twenty first century. Each country is treated separately.

To start, Global warming looks pretty obvious.

Global warming

Used For
Global temperature change
Warming, Global

May also use Climate change, as this covers the future and is only a related term. Climate chnage DUE to global warming.

Climate change

Scope Note
Use for works on significant changes in the Earth’s global atmosphere and climatic condition over time, including changes due to natural events and those attributed to human activity.
Used For
Atmospheric change
Change, Climate
Climatic change
Global climate change
Broader Term
Related Term
Global warming
Greenhouse effect


Scope Note
Use for works on the state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure etc. For works on recording the atmosphere use Meteorology.
Specific Example Note
See also names of particular regions* or countries* with the subdivision Climate, e.g. Australia – Climate.

Australia – Climate

Example heading
Example under Weather
(Will also use for NZ and PNG).
And an example in SCIS. opac

WIll also look to Use FUTURE. behind Climate Change and global warming I tihnk


Scope Note
Use for works on physical, technological, social and political developments of future periods. For works on life after death, use Future life.
Specific Example Note
See also subjects with the subdivision Future, e.g. Australia – Future.

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