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ETL 505 Subject Heading Exercise 1.

Posted by arlekeno on August 29, 2012

A book of short romantic stories, which are fictional accounts of adolescent love. The stories are set in the city of Paris in France, the text is in French and French authors wrote the stories. The work won the literary award ‘Best Young Love Stories’ in 2008.


Key Elements: Romantic Stories, Adolescent Love, Paris (France), in French, by French and a prize.

Now, to list some possible Subject headings.

5.6 Literary Prizes: Best Young Love Stories. (Name of prize as SH).

French literature. scisshl Already a subject heading, used for other French Stories.  (But is it for short stories?)

French language text. scisshl (used for language works in, several examples in SCis opac). 

French short stories. scisshl (Plus scope notes on Short stories -see also Adolescents ficton).  Used in preference to the broader term Literature – collection.

Adolescents – Fiction

Adolescents in France.  (only used in non fic I think).

Adolescents in France – Fiction. scisshl


5.3 Place Headings in Fiction: Paris (France).


Subject Headings Selected:


(Not using Authors, French, as that appaers to be for Critiques of).



French Short Stories (Rather than Literature collection, and because they are by French Authors).

Adolescents in France – Fiction (The Collection is of about French Adolescents, rather than others in French Society, and is fiction, a search for Adolescents will still show this result).

French Language Text  (is a work in the French language)

Best Young Love Stories (Prize)

Paris (France)  (Location in fiction)

Love Stories. (No sub-division for nation or age? in scope note, and no examples in SCIS opac)



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