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Assessment item 2A: Subject access: subject headings

Posted by arlekeno on August 29, 2012

Using the following tools:
◦ SCIS subject headings online
◦ Section 4, Subject headings, in SCIS standards for cataloguing and data entry
Assign SCIS standard subject headings for works on the five topics presented on page
2 (BELOW). Write the subject headings as they would appear on bibliographic
records on SCIS OPAC (except there is no need to underline your subject headings, to
add ‘scisshl’ at the end of the headings, or to include ‘scot’ headings).
State briefly the decisions followed in determining/deriving the subject headings
(approximately 200 words per item). Provide a reference list of tools used and works
Example exercise
A work, which names and describes a number of sources of historical materials used
in writing narrative school histories. This work is specifically concerned with sources
used for the writing of narrative histories of Queensland government schools.
Example subject heading devised
State schools – Queensland – History – Sources

Example key decisions followed
SN at ‘History’ SN and SEN at ‘History – Sources’ ‘Government schools’ USE ‘State
Schools’ IN at ‘State schools’ Guidelines, Part 6.7 Multi concept headings
Guidelines, Part 2 Specificity
This assignment assesses your practical understanding of, and ability to apply, a
controlled vocabulary approach to providing access by subject.
Marking criteria
The assignment will be assessed on:
◦ The appropriateness and accuracy of subject headings assigned (20 marks).
◦ The understanding shown of the processes by which these subject headings are
determined (15 marks).
◦ The clarity of your presentation (marks can be deducted from above)



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