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SCIS Connections Term 3 2012

Posted by arlekeno on July 27, 2012

Some good stuff in Issue 82 of Connections from the School Catalogue and Information Service.

The information on Creative commons and how we can use it was useful, but I found really interesting the article on Using the School library information systems in I.T. classes as a practical example.

The First paragraph is genius and points out two things of great importance, 1) Library as a haven, and 2) We are not just a place. \

The school library as place and space

The school library is often viewed by staff, students and the school community as a dedicated physical space that provides access to a physical collection of quality resources, teaching spaces and spaces for quiet academic study. However, it is also a community space for teachers, students and even community members to pursue individual leisure activities; as a safe haven from the terrors of the schoolyard; and for senior administrators to use as a venue for meetings or other gatherings such as staff professional development. Increasingly, the library is also a portal to virtual resources and services, where the teacher librarian (TL) provides curriculum design and teaching support for the integration of ICTs and online resources into curriculum programs across the school. As a space, the library is now fragmented into physical and virtual, real time and asynchronous, providing unlimited boundaries for the community it serves.

Finally, and most importantly for my Library masters was the article on Scis Subject headings… SCIS IS MORE

which talks about the process for adding new headings as well as that we are switching to DDC 15 abridged. Which I have just ordered.


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