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Posted by arlekeno on May 1, 2012

Happy Mayday, today we celebrate about the greatest achievement that anarchists have ever gained us. the 8 hour day. Thanks guys, We know you didn’t let that bomb off in New York a century ago.

In other news, I have just used to new systems open to NSW Teacher Librarians. 1) the new online catalogues through the DET portal and 2) The New SCIS search page.

1) The new catalogues are only for office supply stuff, so no book orders, but the font office love it because they can now read my orders (my writing is that bad). The search engine itself is not that good, you need to play around with it to learn it, but once you do it is not a bad system. I am very glad we don’t HAVE to use it, but it is nice to have it there, and when it is working I think it will be oretty good.

2) the New SCIS search engine. I HATE IT! my Library Assistant HATES IT. but what is worse it is heard to say why, I think it is less detailed and harder to read, but ultimately it is just a less user friendly experience. I wish i had the words to express that more clealy, I can for the MAANG v YAMMER Debate, that is down to visual clarity and notifications, but for this I would just like to tell the Schools Catalogue Information Service to press UNDO!

Finally since it is May day, and a labour holiday in some states (not mine) some Pro my job stuff. A letter from the Current Premier, when he was in opposition.


Mr O’Farrell’s letter reads in part:


“ ….I read your letter with interest and share your concerns about teacher librarians in NSW.  The situation teacher librarians are facing in NSW is one I feel strongly about.  While I will endeavour to continue to raise the general issue, I recognise the important role of libraries in our schools and the critical role of teacher librarian … I have referred [this] matter … for inclusion in our policy development process …”


The letter is dated 23 October 2007.


Lets hope the role of the T.L. is still recognised when “Local Schools, Local Decisions” is introduced.




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