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April Filler

Posted by arlekeno on April 18, 2012

Well, I have been enjoying having a semester of not actually studying. I am able to NOT BE STUDYING and not feel guilty about it. I do wish I was studying though so things would be over and done with sooner but until then, time to enjoy.

I have been filling my time with travel, looking for work, and of course, writing. I have had 4 articles accepted for the year and am trying to get onto two new blogs as an Author.

The big challenge however is to do with work, both securing full time work before “Local Schools, Local decisions” kicks in. A lot of teachers everywhere are nervous about what this will do to teaching. And theĀ otherĀ challenge is to register myself as a sole trader.. but Government websites are not always logically set out.

Such is April. Some more time off, then some time to remember. then back to the real world.


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