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Masters in Education. Freedom From

Posted by arlekeno on February 19, 2012

I just got my last paper back, after a rather bad assignment 1 I needed a good task 2, and I got it.  A credit from one of the courses hardest markers.

I am now a qualified Teacher Librarian. Tomorrow I shall ring up the rude people at staffing and tell them to change my status…. and I will MAKE SURE I get an email or written confirmation after their last 5 year long stuff up. No doubt they will complain I don’t have te final results all nicely tabulated and will probably make me wait, but since it can take 5 years to get them to correct their mistakes its best to start early.

I guess I will now have my days off and holidays free from reading. now if I am reading Library journals such as THE library journal, Scan, reading time etc, then I will be doing it because I want to.

I will no longer have to worry about increasing my H.E.C.S. or P.E.L.S. debts and worry even less if one of the two Library jobs in my area coming up goes to me 🙂

after 3 and half years, extended due to pneumonia and other disasters, I have a long awaited freedom.

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