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OLJ 1: The Library Channel of ASU

Posted by arlekeno on January 20, 2012

Activity) Visit ASU’s collection of The Library Minute videos and view five (5) of these one minute videos, then visit two (2) of the other Web 2.0 tools used as part of the ASU Library Channel suite at Write a critical evaluation on ASU Libraries’ use of these platforms to achieve the 4Cs of social media (in no more than 350 words).

With the emergence of social networking sites, came the concept of Library 2.0, where libraries and information agencies harness not just the Web 2.0 technologies but the underlying principles (or 4Cs) of Web 2.0 – collaboration, conversation, community and content creation (or co-creation)… (AND MAYBE CROWD SOURCING).

First, The Library Minutes

Videos watched:
Tunes for Finals.
the @ASU button (a search)
Printing in the Library.
tudent book collecting contest
Protecting Yourself.

the Library minute is well used for two main purposes, keeping students up to date on the latest happenings or important issues, e.g. Protecting yourself video, and for informing students about the libraries services. In these cases their is a definite start of a conversation, and if students comment on the videos or start to subscribe to them on Youtube, there is a formation of community and ongoing conversation. These videos could also encourage dialogue in First Life, leading to more collaboration and conversation.

These videos would be very useful for showing new areas of Libraries. I have worked at libraries where people had been using them for years, but still didn’t know about one of the features. These videos, rather than just saying on a list in a website that the resource exists, actually start to explain how it could be used.

Also Very useful for frequently asked questions, such as Printing, which took up the majority of Front Desk queries while I was on placement at the Hunter TAFE College.

They are amusing and in an easily digestible format that Youtube users are used to so they would encourage people to watch them, I am not sure to what extent the videos would encourage collaboration though beyond starting conversations.

Second, Facebook.

The ASU presence on FB is regularly updated, and FB itself allows for the 4Cs. The information is up to date and there are some comments and a lot of LIKES. It would appear to allow for the 4Cs but none appear to have been fully exploited yet. More could be done, but since there is already a good ASK A LIBRARIAN feature on the web sight, and the Youtube channel, more may not be needed, except maybe as a suggestion box for collaboration.

These are fairly standard uses for Facebook in University Libraries according to “Librarians, Libraries and Facebook” by Dr Jane Secker. (2008)

Third, Twitter:

Twitter on the other hand seems to be more heavily used, both as an immediate bulletin service and as a means of communication, using the @ASULibraries tag. Some of the Questions seem to have been answered immediately, in terms of complaints and solutions this could be a form of collaboration.

The library is using several of the recommendations from “20 Ways for Librarians to use Twitter,” from the Library Journal (2009).


Overall ASU appears to be using WEB2.0 extremely well, The twitter feed is busy and two way, the Youtube Channel has there is a community, feedback, and some of the Videos have views into the high thousands. With the exception of collaboration, these three tools, Youtube, twitter and Facebook, seem to be meeting the needs of the 4Cs. The collaboration could be covered in other of the tools, e.g. using Flickr for crowd-sourcing. But I would be proud if a library I worked for had a service as good as the library minute, let alone the other service, as a social net-worker, this was beyond anything I had even considered trying in my own schools, it makes me feel very Librarian 1.0 :(


Secker,J. 2008 “Librarians, Libraries and facebook” retrieved 12/1/2012 from 

Carscaddn,L. & Harris,C. 2009 Working the Social: Twitter and Friendfeed, retrieved from 12/1/2012


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