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Happy SOPA Day.

Posted by arlekeno on January 19, 2012

Have to say I am liking the homepage.

ever blog Censored. Sometimes I wonder what the American Government thinks… Then I remember campaign contributions from companies. 


Anyway, here are the Objectives of INF506 that I have to meet for Ass.2


Lyn HayWasan, Part 2A requires you to write a 750 word evaluative statement using three (3) of your OLJ as evidence of meeting the learning objectives of the subject. The learning objectives for INF506 are listed in the beginning of the INF506 Subject Outline. There is 5 of them, they are:

– demonstrate an understanding of social networking technologies;
– demonstrate an understanding of concepts, theory and practice of Library 2.0 and participatory library service;
– critically examine the features and functionality of various social networking tools to meet the information needs of users;
– evaluate social networking technologies and software to support informational and collaborative needs of workgroups, communities and organisations; and
– demonstrate an understanding of the social, cultural, educational, ethical, and technical management issues that exist in a socially networked world, and how information policy is developed and
implemented to support such issues.

So you use these a reference points in your evaluative statement, and use your 3 selected OLJ tasks to show how these have contributed to your learning across these 5 objectives.

Does that makes sense to you?


ANYWAY, Am taking a day off study coz my eyes hurt from too much puter time. 

Enjoy the day all… . 


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