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Evaluation of 5 Social Networking Tools for The English Curriculum Due today!

Posted by arlekeno on January 16, 2012

Assignment is due today. I am not happy.

My routine is messsed up, I came to library earlier than planned, My shirt is itchy, there is another person in the study watching farscape.. in short.. Whinge, whine and moan. I would rather be enjoying my holiday.

But seriously I do feel a little blah, and need to wake up.

A bit worried by the format. I was hoping to be able to use a Table/grid to show the positives and negatives of the web tools, but they are just a little too different for me to do that happily.

The Negatives for all of them is about the same. I.e. constant monitoring required, is it too public? distraction etc.

I can’t find the comic I want, where he builds a web filter which a teenager circumvents in ten seconds. Damnit.

But I am downloading OpenOffice, because Apperently I don’t have MSN office on this laptop, oh well, I am doing the entire essay on Google Docs anyway and using Endnote ( now that I found how to change it to APA)… ANYWAY

back to the Grind.

Oh, I really want to include these two cartoons in my assignment 😛

and some links on

Flipped classrooms


UPDATE> Assignment has been handed in… or submitted by Easts. I could not just eMail the Google Doc, so I had to download it and save it, open it with Open office to check it, and now uploaded it again. YAY.

I don’t think I want to use Endnote again, it created more work than it saved I think. Wouldn’t export all the information properly etc.

Now just to live with the feeling of dread that comes with submitting.

I would feel better if I could actually have listened to teh


but unfortunately tehy would only play on quicktime ( which I don’t use or have) and when I did find a computer with quicktime, the file crashed the quicktime player.. hope it was not anything vital.

Wish me luck, next assignment in 2 weeks.




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