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An exploration of five web 2.0 tools for use in schools.

Posted by arlekeno on January 6, 2012

Or More particularly, teaching the English Curriculum.
the five chosen are

1) Facebook

2) Google+

3) The Google Suite ( Docs, Calendar, sites etc)

4) Audioboo

5) twitter.

The Criteria

a) ease of use                                                   e.g.  Is it intuitive, do I need a manual? 

b) Positive benefits & features                            e.g. Can it be edited by users

c) negatives.                                                     e.g. is privacy or distraction an issue?

d) Is it useful to school work?                              e.g. can it actually help?


This report is to be done in 4 parts and be 2500 words long.

  1. an outline of the nature of your project;
  2. the processes involved in completing your project;
  3. a critical evaluation of your project; and
  4. an appendix which includes support material, URLs to social networking sites, surveys, products, or any other material generated to complete your project.



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