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Module 4: Making Web 2.0 work for your organisation

Posted by arlekeno on December 30, 2011

Module 4: Making Web 2.0 work for your organisation
Social media, social networking and libraries: Why bother?

In all organisations, new initiatives usually require significant amounts of $$$$ to kick-start new projects. Libraries and information agencies are no exception. However, working towards a Library 2.0 approach does not necessarily require major start-up funding, but it does require support from management for individuals and/or teams to invest some of their time into exploring the potential application of Web 2.0 technologies.

Can’t agree more, you tell me to do something but give me no time or budget you are telling me it is either not important or you want me to fail.

Now, time for a good quote on why we blog. Terri Bennett, director of the Webster Public Library (WPL), NY, believes blogs have the power to break down the institutional wall between libraries and their community members. “In my view, the more human we look, the more we personalize our services, the more connected we will be to our patrons,”

Explore the social networking ideas in AnnaLaura Brown’s two blog entries about top tools and trends for libraries on her Social Networking in Libraries [blog]:


  1. Which of these tools and trends has already impacted on your library or organisation?
  2. Which of these tools and trends have been discussed by people within your library or organisation as having potential in supporting its goals?
  3. Which of these tools and trneds have not yet hit your library or organisation’s radar?

If you have identified one or more tools or trends under Q2 and/or Q3, you may wish to consider exploring one of these further as the topic for your project (Assignment 1).

1) Only the Online referencing tools have been added to my schools arsenal I think. The twitter, Facebook,text a librarian are not always appropriate in a school library setting… especially when some of these features were only recently unbanned. ThougeReaders could be handy.

2) I think Blogs or an FB page could be useful for posting about new books, upcoming events etc. I am all for the new Google tools and I think training is kind of already happening, but would like more formal web 2.0 training to be done.

3) Mobile apps,(though i can search the catalog on my phone) podcasting, Flickr… though we could use flickr for the archives.

WHY TO USE IT? (And what to use)


Great Link to a site with lots of ways to use tools such as twitter.


Quick break from the module. I am keen to use google. Google + fpr communication, Docs for resources, sites as blogs or libguides.

I really want more google traingin! (or practice)…     Ok, back to the module.

Ways to use Twitter

Working the social: Twitter and FriendFeed – Let these social networking services do the filtering for you in Library Journal by Laura Carscaddon & Colleen S. Harris (15 June 2009)

20 Ways for Librarians To Use Twitter

Ask for Help

1. Ask for recommended books, products, or services.

2. Ask for help or advice about a topic of professional interest.

Be Helpful

3. Recommend a book, product, or service other librarians would be interested in.

4. Write a book list one tweet at a time, or link to a book list on the web.

5. Tweet about a useful resource on the web, a particular blog post, video, or web site.

6. Provide a daily tip like a word of the day, book of the day, random trivia, useful fact, or helpful resource.

7. Share new studies of interest to other professionals.

8. Celebrate timely events. Recognize author birthdays, Banned Books Week, and other events that affect your patrons.

Promote Yourself

9. Tweet about your library’s web site, blog, and/or podcast. Add a new tweet to let your followers know when you make updates.

10. Link to a book trailer or video booktalk you create.

11. Start a Twitter book club, and tweet your reactions to the book as you read.

12. Invite followers to an event (online or offline). Events can include library programs, book signings, talks, meetings, your online book club, webchat, etc.

13. Link to photos of your library and events.

Make Connections

14. Retweet someone else’s post that you found interesting.

15. Say thanks when someone retweets you or mentions you in their tweets.

16. Participate in #FollowFriday by recommending others people might want to follow.

17. Answer someone else’s general question, and reply to those who ask you a direct question @your_Library.

18. Schedule to meet fellow librarians at a conference, or organize a professional tweet-up in your area.

19. Make a personal connection with other librarians by sharing your favorite new book, video of the day, quote of the day, blog post, etc.

20. Ask others for their favorite posts, and reply with comments on their picks.

A former school librarian, Sonja Cole is the host of, a video booktalk web site for kids. You can follow her on Twitter @bookwink

Now, with that done, My brain shut down about an hour ago. Module 4 over, only Mod 5 to go and then the assessments.




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