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Mod 2 Cont. Virtual worlds and video conferencing.

Posted by arlekeno on December 27, 2011

An Ethos of Play in web 2.o (love the course notes for great quotes).

CSU has a 2nd life page. Not sure I would use 2nd life for school work, I think video conferencing would be easier. Or just something not so graphically heavy ( cpu and internet use).

Helmer, J., & Learning Light (2007). Second Life and virtual worlds Available from makes the point that SURL is not made for education, though it does hacve lots of strengths, e.g. access to a wide range of groups and all being in the same place etc. BUT. pg 8… it talks of barriers and distractions. It would allow private “note passing” or just too many flashing lights. Thought I still think the big disadvantage is that you can’t use a browser or word when playing, so have to come out to take down or create.PG 12 mentions the cost, I would think of both cost to student (fast enough computer and internet etc pg 22 ) as well as the school, especially if they wanted to buy land.Training of 4 hours doesn’t really phase me much, you need to train at anything to use it well.

Could be good for the virtual museum tours, links to videos etc. That would be impressive ( If I had a room with 30 computers and all with headphones at school or knew the kids had access to it out of school). PG 17 on gives examples of use, Most appear to be demonstrations or experiences. I Really want to go to the Gothic Lit Island

Gothic Literature:

I also worry about (pg 25) Griefers… Too many ways a class could be distracted by a griefer, and what is the schools liability if a student gets hacked or groomed?

May do the ACTIVITY on slurl for the OLJ.


A good quote here on how immersion can help students.
Immersive Interfaces for
Engagement and Learning
Chris Dede
Immersion is the subjective impression that one is participating in a comprehensive, realistic
experience. Interactive media now enable various degrees of digital immersion. The more a virtual
immersive experience is based on design strategies that combine actional, symbolic, and sensory
factors, the greater the participant’s suspension of disbelief that she or he is “inside” a digitally
enhanced setting. Studies have shown that immersion in a digital environment can enhance
education in at least three ways: by allowing multiple perspectives, situated learning, and transfer.
Further studies are needed on the capabilities of immersive media for learning, on the instructional
designs best suited to each type of immersive medium, and on the learning strengths and
preferences these media develop in users

Suspension of disbelief… can we get the students to take on the persona of someone who studies hard? 😛


Have to admit at the moment to be more interested in Audio sharing than Video or Photo sharing… mainly because I think it is the least well done of the three options, hence my interest in audiboo.


Wow, a uni has an all hours ask a librarian? that is amazing! I wonder how they fund it, or if they have a call centre in India.



Starting to see the benefit of second life here. its all in one place. This seems a bit costly and complicated to me… I wish I had more time to be tech up to date.


Anyway, here ends module two, the boxing day test is about to open day two, and I am rethinking my view of 2nd life for my assessment task. Happy Holidays.




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