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Module 2: Web 2.0 technologies and social software

Posted by arlekeno on December 24, 2011

Micro-blogging, Wikis, Didn’t we cover this already?

Ok, I do just like this word ( about tagging)

Folksonomy is the result of personal free tagging of information and objects (anything with a URL) for one’s own retrieval. The tagging is done in a social environment (usually shared and open to others). Folksonomy is created from the act of tagging by the person consuming the information. (Source:

No doubt folksonomy has an advantage in quickness, but loses to taxonomy in precision… though sometimes, using the terms that normal people use is a bonus.


Not used QR codes a lot, have never needed too, but when I have they are handy. I do not see why they wont be about more.


Think about how the flexibility around intellectual property enables a digital economy where the creative re-use of online objects and data sources allows for the creation of new objects and products.

Thinking about Mashups, I suppose I do use them. E.g. I use Twitter to sign into Audioboo, Google to sign in to youtube. I really need to pay more attention to this.. Though I am aware of my private accounts blending with my public ones with too much information sharing.

SOCIAL NETWORKING.. remember myspace.. he he

A few sights there I have never heard of, Can’t be bothered checking though because I already have a lot of social networking stuff.. Maybe this is resistance to new tech 😛 No point using something if your friends don’t… Its why I don’t use orkut anymore.

Good criteria for social networks here.

and how to survive online

Finally RSS


Now that you have explored some examples of how libraries and the media make use of RSS to deliver updated information and the applications that can tailor and aggregate feeds for specific users, find two (2) additional examples of ‘RSS in action’, and develop a 350 word post to your OLJ on how RSS can enhance a library or information service’s ability to meet the information needs of its


I wonder if I could do RSS from Dice of Doom, rather than ABC or State library 😛

Enough Study for an Xmas Eve Morn/Afternoon… More work tomorrow!



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