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Module 1: Web 2.0, Social networking and the social life of information.

Posted by arlekeno on December 23, 2011

Definitions of Web 2.0 appear to be all about sharing and interconnecteddness.

So searching, tagging, wiki’s etc. Stuff a lot of my friends nad I have been doing for ages really, but now instead of us all just blogging and commentating, we can edit stuff and embed it etc. is a great spot, as is for the kind of things I ahve been into. hard to believe that Forum boards are now so “Web 1.0”

interesting video, not just for its Audio doco style but for his ideas, such as We need to use somethign to learn it and know if it is good for us, That technology is a self organising organism, and why some people refuse use of some tech. Looking at this, I am in almost all the slots  (except mmo.. at the moment)


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