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Holidays and my Assessment

Posted by arlekeno on December 22, 2011

The School year is over and teachers get their first holiday of the year.

So, I will now use it to get a shake on with my assessment task.

I have decided I will review Twitter, Facebook, Google +, the Google Suite, and audioboo.

I think I have a mix of well known and new web 2.0 tools as well as one web 3.o.

They last few weeks I have spent going over readings to on social media and networking and I think thanks to the

Lyn hay Daily

What I want to do now is find some readings to help with a set of criteria to use to judge these tools worth for schools.

I think it needs to be things such as, easy to use, few downsides (e.g. prone to bullying) so maybe a partially closed system


So, Official Ass.2 post

1) The Technologies to be used:

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, the Google Suite, Twitter, and Audioboo

2) The title of the project will be:

An evaluation of Social networking tools for educational use.

3) This project will evaluate a range of web 2.0 and 3.0 tools for their usefulness in educational settings.

Issues addressed will include 2 way communication, both immediate and delayed, ease of use, prevention of misuse, data storage, learning new skills, and capacity to aide collaboration and educational outcomes.

4: I expect this project will find ways to use social networking tools which will benefit to the classroom, identify pitfalls, and find which tools are best suited to which job.

5: Project Plan:

  1. Identify tools
  2. Set a criteria to judge tools by
  3. conduct experiments on capabilities and limitations of tools
  4. Read literature relating to how these tools have been used in the past
  5. Collate results.



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