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Second LIfe

Posted by arlekeno on December 16, 2011

Tuesday night saw my first foray into Second life as part of a university tour.

Our guide showed us around the CSU second life base, as well as a few basics of movement and talking. It was not anything I didn’t know, but it was good to meet other people in the course and use 2nd life  in the manner in which we are intended to for the course.

I have had  some chats in Esperanto language lecture theatres but I am interested to see how we use it for the M.Ed. I think I could see how it woud be useful for classes, I am not entirely convinced we could not do it ujust using Chat or audio, rather than with the viusal aspect, or the virtual reality aspect (which I think can be slow). Also, second life tends to take a whole computer to run, so I can’t open a Document or search browser AND be on 2nd life, a major weakness of it my opinion.

In other news, My assignment would most likely be on several social networking tools and how they can be used for Schools. I am pretty excited about this, Many thanks to Lyn Hay.

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