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Posted by arlekeno on April 26, 2011

Tuesday: AM – State Library of NSW                                      Rating: 4.5

I knew the library was large and held a lot of important material, but I had no idea how large and how important! Just looking at the website before hand, or when visiting I didn’t really get the feel of the true significance of the NSWSL, it actually gives me hope that Librarians and Libraries are still actually appreciated by society despite the treatment Libraries sometimes appear to get.
The Tours were extremely interesting; visiting the preservation room and seeing a 400 year old map, was fascinating. Entering the stacks, the Shakespeare room, everything conveyed the gravitas of the role of the library. Even the morning tea was good. Talking to the Miley Joseph, who dealt with public libraries was especially relevant to me considering how much time I spend working with my local public librarians.
The only downside was the website, which I must admit finding difficult to use, but all in all I am now more determined to do my placement at the NSWSL.

Wednesday: AM – NSW Parlimentary Library.               Rating: 4.5

And I thought I had to worry about politics in schools!

This is a serious library doing a serious job. This is a Library which requires a high level of excellence in pretty much everything, because as she said, they are giving information to people who run the state. (Makes me feel a bit of an Amateur).
They never have to worry about if they are relevant.
Particularly interested in having people to write research papers. Sounds like an intellectual heaven.
I wish I was a legal deposit library!
I like the idea of training the users in how to use the website.

Wednesday: AM – Australian institute of Management library.     Rating: 4

I sometimes wonder how small libraries like this keep afloat. It is smaller than most bookshops. (turns out to be half bookshop).
I like the collection, especially since I have to manage two library assistants. Would especially like information on how to deal with control freak head teachers who have no idea what a library does.
I am very impressed by how the Librarian is promoting her library, am glad I am already doing some of this.
OPL. One person libraries. And I thought being a librarian in a school could be isolating.
Yet another library which is re-doing their website ( which I am doing myself).
A very presentable little library. I wonder how many other small libraries there are.

Thursday: AM – State Records of NSW

Thursday: PM – St Andrews Cathederal School.     State Archive of NSW

Again another information service at the mercy of politicians 😛
Very important records kept here. Seems like the job would always be interesting.
Quite different to a library in that some records are closed and the much higher level of confidentiality,
Very interested in the question of conserving digital records. I thought it would have been easier, but even now JPG format is being updated, 10 years ago MP3 was  unheard of, I have an image of someone turning on an old I-pad in 100 years time to read a PDF file if the conversions are not done right.
But the website looks good, I want to look myself up now.
Interesting that it is never weeded. My cousin who loves family history and religious history of NSW would have loved this tour.

St Andrews Cathederal School.

I want to work here! 3 times the staff and budget of my school, this lets them do all the things I dream of (especially in terms of collaboration with teachers and developing units, and teacher training).
I need to look more into databases.
Interesting orientation programme.
Very relevant to me as a T.L. despite being state.
Really hope they read my SCAN articles.
In short, a beautiful library and what they should all be like. Sigh.

Friday: UTS

These guys are Experimental librarians. They are changing the way we work.

I am not sure I like the idea of a retrieval library, but if done well it could work for NON-FICTION! Fiction I think would still need to be browsed for best advantage.

I like their social networking and getting people into the library.

Study Visits overall.

When I tel people what I have been doing in Sydney for a week, I find it hard to make it sound interesting in 25 words or less. ” I went to a lot of libraries to see how they worked”. It is not something that appeals to most people ( Except for the stuff like being under parliment house etc).

But for someone in the profession this was a briliant opportunity. When you noly work in the one library you only see one way of doing things, butnow I have been out and seen 7 different ways of working a library. I have picked up a few idea which I would like to take back, and seen a few things I would like to try budget and admin permitting. I think this is something that should be done EVERY YEAR BY EVeRY TL, not just once by students.

I really hope I get a good placement library, I hope I can implement some of the things I have learned. and I wish I could do it again ( And taht I worked at St Andrews with the budget and staffing, getting to do all the things we wished we could).


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