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Mod 2: Developing a professional portfolio

Posted by arlekeno on April 8, 2011

  • Goodfellow, J. (2004). “Documenting professional practice through the use of a professional portfolio.” Early Years 24(1): 63-74. This article provides a reflective approach to writing a portfolio. Goodfellow argues that a portfolio should be more than a collection of artefacts and lists of activities – it requires both process and product.
  • For an even more practical summary of developing a librarian’s portfolio, now read Dunneback, K. (2004), ‘Punch up your portfolio’..
  • Reading from Goodfellow, I wonder how I give students a sense of wonder, What do I do for my library kids? Ok, lets make a list! (Liked in LIbrary subjects, not so much in Educational Research… Yes EER 500, I am talking about you!)

    What do I do for my kids?

    1.  Answer basic questions: Where is this book, how do I print?
    2. Answer more specialised questions: Do you have information on this? (often need to ask a lot of FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS to make sure they know what they want) and finding books.
    3. Recomending books to read for pleasure or study.
    4. providing general support for home and in class work ( team teaching).
    5. Provide a safe and quiet place to study.

    Will have to think more on this later.

    The attainments and work examples I have and can do. Think Chromadepth 3D 😀

    My beliefs about teaching, Again, I will need to think on this.

    I wonder if I can get my references to write letters about me. 

    An Overview of ePortfolios: Good lists and things to think of really.

    The other links don’t work, I presume it would be just more onf the same. On to th next reading, ON IMPLEMENTING WEB BASED ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIOS (2002)

    A bunch of lessons and tools at  I particularly like the Eportfolo how to with wordpress.

    I like the idea of using this to get ALIA/ASLA accreditation, or even bettered, Become Chartered through the U.K> (sigh) so here are some standards

    Will base my portfolio around this.

    Oh, and the NSW standards


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