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Study Visit 1. Sydney

Posted by arlekeno on April 7, 2011

I have just been mailed my programme for the study visit section of my uni course.

Tuesday: 9am – 2:30 State Library of NSW (may do lunch at the Nippon Club).

Wednesday:  Morning – 10am -noon NSW Parliment Library   Afternoon:Australian.Institute of management LIbrary 215 Pacfic HWY Nth Sydney

Thursday: State Records of NSW, GLobe St The Rocks,  Afternoon: St Andrews 474 Kent St.

Friday: UTS Library, CNR Circular Quay and Ultio Rd Haymarket. followed by the closing session.

I only missed out on one of my choices so all up I am pretty happy. I have a place to stay arranged and a tickt to the Opera House for the weekend, in short, all is good.

At School things are going well. I am teaching the staff new things and vice versa, 2 days to go. I may be giving up a room in the library for a time out space, but I can live with that.

Looking at the NSW list serve, learning a lot of new things. Looking forward to Mantle, being published.

In other news, What have I done at my new job?

1) I have Completed the first Stocktake of websites done at the school

2) I have taught the staff how to use MY LIBRARY to access websites ( and how to use SCAN magazine to ask me to add websites).

3) I have Started the Premier’s Reading Challenge ( NSW) at my school ( thanks to the library list serve help etc) Got all the books out and started teaching kids to logon.

4) Tired to teach Website evaluation… I am currently on about version 3 of that lesson plan, I think I will have to dumb it down to year 4 level for some. (think I will use this link )

5) Undertaken Quality teacher training ( national partnership) and attended library support group meetings.

6) Learned a payment system, been told that was wrong, learned a new one, told that was wrong and then told a third ( but am sticking with second! Write this information down in the handbook people!)

7) Started a new method of recording TV shows for staff ( and hopefully impressed the Head Teacher).

Will try to get Module 2 done by tomorrow 😀


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