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Module A: The Theory of Professional Portfolios.

Posted by arlekeno on April 6, 2011

I have never really done one of these. I did a lot of programming etc when I was in Japan and had a great Syllabus, but a portfolio, not so sure.

Anyway, Questions to ask.

Representativeness/fitness for purpose:

  • How representative is a portfolio of a person and their career?
  • Does a good portfolio mean the compiler is a good professional or merely good at making portfolios?
    Lets see, I would say it is like a resume with a few examples, but like a resume it can be padded, exaggerated, shown in the best light etc.
    I think a large part of it would come down to who is good at playing by this set of rules. (Unless of course I do really well).

How can people prepare good portfolios if they are in a workplace where they don’t have access to useful opportunities for learning, and  where there are limited opportunities to take part in continued professional development?

Well, I am having to keep a kind of portfolio at my school to do with Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) from some government scheme, I also have access to the local librarian network which is TPL in a way. So there I am ok. I guess sometimes though you have to train yourself, I read the Library Journal and SCAN a lot. It is never as good as a training day but sometimes you have to make do.

Note: It’s important to distinguish between the professional portfolios which you are studying here, and the portfolio assignment in this subject. The portfolio you develop in this subject is not a professional portfolio which might be deveoped in your workplace, but a reflection on your learning during your course at CSU.

Ok, now I am a bit confused, I shall read on. And Page two is on Classifying portfolios. I hope they say EXACTLY what kind of folio we are meant to be doing… Well, no, Oh well, to the Reading by Dr H.C.Barrett 2004 or 2008.

Ooh, we can use blogs/wiki’s to engage students, remember that for the social media subject nest year.

I am concerned that in the name of assessment, we are losing a powerful tool to support deep learning. I am concerned that that we are losing the “stories” in e-portfolios in favor of the skills checklists.

Great quote. Feels like my last team meeting! Is this what the New Scheme teachers have to go through?

Here is a comparison of these two key assessment purposes, based on work done in Britain (see

Assessment of Learning Assessment for Learning
Checks what has been learned to date Checks learning to decide what to do next
Is designed for those not directly involved in daily learning and teaching Is designed to assist teachers and students.
Is presented in a formal report Is used in conversation about learning
Usually gathers information into easily digestible numbers, scores and grades Usually detailed, specific and descriptive feedback in words (instead of numbers, scores and grades)
Usually compares the student’s learning with either other students or the ‘standard’ for a grade level Usually focused on improvement, compared with the student’s ‘previous best’ and progress toward a standard
Does not need to involve the student Needs to involve the student — the person most able to improve learning

I like the idea of a portfolio. For students that is 😛 Just kidding,

This looks like a sensible model, I particularly like the “what, So what, now what” part 🙂

The story telling part would go well with the NARRATIVE coding for quality teaching. HHmm, ideas ideas.

Ok, now With blogs and story telling and portfolios I am starting to see benefits for the students, this could work.

ok, My only question is why was I sent to a 2004 article when the link at the subject outline said 2008, oh well. I still liked it and will use htis article for my social media subject as well.

Also, I think I would like to Charter.

Just had to use a database to get the next article, I wonder if we will use Databases more at schools in the future? and if I should train in specifically how to use them.


Continued in April, I am WAY behind

Makes me think about getting a set of criteria for judging all abilities in teaching.

Again I read this and wish I had been keeping stuff as I went, Not sure Though I want my first few attempts at a Big 6 lesson, used a DHMO website, way too hard, have simplified it a lot now.

Love the title, WOW, Look at everything I’ve done.

Useufl for job applications. can put my publications on it.

Could use weebly blogs with a password. I have already, to a degree, started to do this.

  The Librarian’s Portfolio :

The Professional Librarian’s portfolio

A very handy Checklist.

Also very good to go to ASLA standards, I think I should work to these for my portolio.

Finally, Lavarie article for tertiary educators in Marketing talking about online portfolio and peer review

OOh, I like the line that scholars don’t agree what good teaching is, and Teaching is an ART not a Science


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