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EER500 : 2 : REsearch design.

Posted by arlekeno on January 6, 2011

OK, I am thinking of doing a Survey Study, interviewing all the Teacher Librarians in the MANTLE support group area, or more likley, who attend the conference.

Questions would be along the lines of

Does your school have E-books, either in CD-rom form or linked to the LIbrary catalogue or in a form you know of.

To your knowledge are they used in class?

sounds simple, but no one else has really asked this

To more readings.

EDIT 11/1/11

Using Punch 2009 – look at pragmatic approach, we have a problem, are ebooks being used, so I am asking. BUT WHAT IS MY PARADIGM?

I think I am interpretivist, shall have to look into it more.


Sample size. (representative samples) I will use Mantle, so almost all public schools in the area and a large number of private TLs. Which will also allow us to check variables between Junior and Secondary as well as public v private.

Am thinking a self completed questionaire, copies sent out to all mantle attendees with the invite so they are not taken by surprise and know what to look for, and then again asked at the mantle conference.

PG 166, fig 7.1 steps of social research.

pg 167, fig 7.2 Most likely to use survey types 5 and 8.

How many TLS are there in NSW? WHO KNOWS?

THis survey would be accurate for the Maitland Newcastle area, but could its results go beyond this area?

Possibly in Sydney with more concentrated resources things could be better, and in the country worse.

(other areas of interest, is eBook take up driven by a tech savy librarian? a trendy head teacher? , barriers to take up? )

Keep survey short and multi-choice for ease of data processing and so not to burden the people filling it out.(responder fatigue, Chap 8, pg 217)

pg 218 chap 9, advantages of Self survey, 219, disadvantage, (which is why send out some info in advance, e.g. cd-rom, do it at mantle to lower risk of low return rate).

EDIT 12/1/2010

Chap 10.

pg 239: Ask questions that will answer your question.

Am avoiding vague terms like often ( pg240)

Common mistakes on page 244 to avoid.

Chap 14:

I would like to have my statistics in terms of percentages.

??How would I measuer the tech-saviness of a T.L.. or the drive???

CHap 26:

pg632 : All T.L.s should have access to it.



Use of E-Books in an Academic and Research Environment: A Case Study from the Indian Institute of Science. By: Anuradha, K. T.; Usha, H. S.. Program: Electronic Library & Information Systems, v40 n1 p48-62 2006. (EJ901949)
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the use and usability of e-books from the perspectives of users in an academic and research environment. Design/methodology/approach: This study involved an e-mail questionnaire to survey researchers in the academic and research environment of the Indian Institute of Science regarding their use of e-books. Findings: The responses indicated that the students tend to use this new technology more often than faculty members and staff. Those who did use e-books mostly used reference and technical material. The highest response was from the Centre for Ecological Science, followed by the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, and then the Department of Molecular Reproduction and Development and Genetics. The majority of the respondents have used computers for over five years for a variety of purposes including e-mail communication, internet browsing and text processing as well as for other advanced uses such as numerical computing and DNA sequence analysis. However, the use of e-books appears to be very low, indicating a requirement for creating awareness and user education about both software and hardware related to e-books. Only 37 of the 104 respondents had used the free trial offer from Kluwer and Edutech eBooks during July 2004. Originality/value: There has been no previous study reported which has investigated users’ perspectives of e-books in an academic and research environment in India using a questionnaire method.


Possible Survey (factual questions pg 238)

Are you in Prmiary, Secondary, Combined Primary/Secondary school?

Is this school Public or Private?

Does your school have E-books?

If yes, please continue, if not, thank you for your time.

Are the e-books linked to websites? e.g. Project Gutenberg, Amazon,

If yes, how often are they used?

Weekly during a term, monthly during a term? 1-3 times a term, less than once a term, never.

or, How often have they been used this term? but I would prefer for more than just one term

Are these E-books digitially stored in the school as files on a server?

Does your school have eBooks on Cd.Roms or other portable storage media?


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