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EER500 1a

Posted by arlekeno on November 29, 2010

Here is my rough draft for assignment 1a due midnight tonight. I will pretty it up a bit.

Article to use.

Articles to reference.

Gray, M. Scan Magazine 2010. vol 29 no 4


How are E-books used in the English faculty of a High school X?

Outlining the ropic or problem in my own words.

While there is a lot of buzz about how Electronic books could be used in the classroom, there are few examples showing if, let alone how this is being done.

I propose to survey teachers and students to find out if students are using E-books in class, and if so, how.

This would be relevant in termof finding out if these resources are being used, and if not why not, how can we make them easier to use. If they are being used, how are they being used so that this can be a model for other teachers and students.

The Tenopir article is of use because it discusses how Ebooks are actualy used, highlighting the benefits of Ereaders for text/reference books.

The Ishizuka article discusses how E-resources are utilised in a specific charter school in the USA.

The Gray article is useful as it specifically addresses they way E-books may be used in a liberal arts class.

Reading List.

Ishizuka, K. (2010). ALA 2010: Message to Schools: Act Now on Ebooks . Retrieved November 27, 2010 from The School Library Journal:​slj/​home/​885574-312/​ala_2010_message_to_schools.html.csp.

Gray, M. (2010). i-tune, e-book, u-learn with laptops. Scan, Vol29, No4, pages 22-24.

Tenopir, C. (2008). Online Databases: Ebooks Arrive . Retrieved November 27, 2010 from The Library Journal:​article/​ca6523478.html.


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