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Topic 2: Print and electronic information resources

Posted by arlekeno on July 14, 2010

What are reference books?

The REALLY important ones that are in high demand so we don’t let people borrow them, only refer to them.

And yes, I can see why you say the concept of borrowing is now redundant, but am not sure about the concept of reference works.

I think a reference work as a concept still works, Just because the information is now on the internet does not mean the knowledge there is not comparable to the knowledge found in the Brittanica. It is just not in a certain loan category, but it is still a reference.We may even go so far as to group certain websites in an online reference area 😛 or KEY SOURCES if you like.

WOW-Even Wikipedia says it is not as good as peer reviewed or expert journals.

I think Wiki is a good start point or for general knowledge, but I would not rely on it 100% It does have a fair review process, and I am wary of the articles which have been tagged as needing citation or on controversial topics, e.g. Turkish treatment of non-turk peoples.

I would however check a lot of info in students papers against wiki for plagarism.


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