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Module 8: The Future. ETL503.

Posted by arlekeno on May 11, 2010

Kennedy Chap 8: Four B locations for books. Bed, Bath, Beach and Bus. LOVE IT! (for most of those e-books are crap).

Wade, C. (2005). The school library : phoenix or dodo bird? Educational
Horizons, 8(5), 12-14.

Lots of stuff here about how kids need Info lit. (Or translitercy as Lyn Hay is calling it).

Oh well, is time to start my last essay for ETL503… Let the fun begin.

Assessment item 2
Collection policy
Value: 60%
Due date: 17-May-2010
Return date: 07-Jun-2010
Length: 3000 words (+ or – 10%)
Submission method options

EASTS (online)
Post (option applies to DE & Offshore/Dubbo Tutorial only)

Complete parts A, B and C

Part A – Context (approx. 750 words) (15 marks)

  • Provide an analytical overview of a school library collection that you are familiar with. Also describe and analyse the roles of that collection and the changes that are being considered for, or made to, that collection. A relevant description and analysis of needs within the school that determine and shape the collection should be included under the roles of the collection. For example, needs arising from the nature of the school, the curriculum, teaching and learning programs, teachers and students,This situation should be factual, if possible, but can be hypothetical if necessary. This overview should contextualise, rationalise and justify the decisions within the new or revised collection policy you create in part B.
  • Where there is an existing collection policy (probably titled Collection Development Policy or Collection Management Policy) in written form assess its appropriateness and weaknesses against the context provided above. The existing policy should be included as an appendix to part A. Where collection policy is unwritten, briefly describe collection practices in up to 500 words. Include this description as an appendix to part A, and assess these practices within part A. The appendix is not included in the word count.
  • At the end of Part A give a list of references used and the appendix belonging to this part.

Part B – Collection policy (approx. 1750 words) (40 marks)

  • Create or revise a collection policy for the school context given in part A. The new or revised policy should be a highly professional and well presented document. While the policy must be specific to the circumstances and needs of the given school context, your first purpose here is to complete an academic assessment task which clearly demonstrates what you have learnt through this subject and your ability to apply that knowledge and understanding to a specific context in a pertinent manner.
  • The policy will be comprised of policy decisions (and rationale where appropriate to clarify decisions). Procedures whose function is purely to indicate how policy decisions will be carried out should not be included in the policy. The decisions given should be pertinent to the online and physical resources and digital collections to be included in or accessed through the collection. Where the online resources and/or access to digital collections aspects of the collection are still at an early stage the decisions should give proposed directions and actions in addition to decisions on what is in place.
  • The policy will comprise decisions on: the purposes, goals and nature of the collection; the types of resources to be included in the collection and the access to be provided to digital collections; funding the collection; the selection of resources; acquisition of resources; weeding of resources; evaluation of the collection; and how challenges to resources within or accessed through the collection will be responded it.
  • Clearly demonstrate that a range of professional literature and professional tools were appropriately drawn upon in creating the revised policy. Building your policy from professional sources and relating them specifically and systematically to the school situation is generally a far more productive and successful approach than looking to amend collection policies created for different schools. Include a list of references at the end of the policy which clearly acknowledges the sources of ideas and materials drawn upon in writing/revising the collection policy.

Part C Reflection (approx 500 words) (5 marks)

  • Discuss how completing this assessment task has established or extended your knowledge and understanding of the role and nature of school library collections, collection policy development and the areas for which you have created or revised policy decisions. Reflect on the processes you followed in evaluating the existing collection policy/practices and developing a new or revised collection policy. How might you improve your approach in the future?

This assessment task requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the areas covered by subject objectives 1 – 6 through the application of that knowledge and understanding to the circumstances of a particular school in creating a collection policy for that school.

Marking criteria

To achieve a pass standard in this assessment task you need to provide:

Part A

  • a pertinent overview and analysis of the selected school library collection, the role of that collection, actual or projected change to that collection, and a sound assessment of the existing collection policy or collection practice which provides an adequate context and rationale for the collection policy in part B;
  • pertinent appended documentation comprising the existing collection policy or summary of current collection practice which clearly relates to and supports your assessment of that documentation.

Part B

A new or revised collection policy which is: specific to the context provided in part A and demonstrates a sound knowledge and understanding of the areas treated in this subject; is appropriately devised; soundly treat the required policy areas; appropriately and consistently incorporates online resources and digital collections; and adequately and appropriately draws on a range of professional sources.

Part C

  • considered, clearly expressed, reflection on how undertaking this assessment task has developed your knowledge and understanding in these areas;
  • your considered thoughts on how you might improve on the processes followed in assessing existing policy/practice and devising the collection policy.

Presentation and referencing

  • clear, well organised and fluent presentation;
  • appropriate referencing and list of references.

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