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Module 7: Collection Management Policy.

Posted by arlekeno on May 11, 2010

Kennedy Chap 2: Since 1970s a collection development policy is seen as good practice for collection management.

pg 19- What should the policy have? 

  1. an overview of the library’s collecting philosophy, often set in the context of circumstances in which the library exists;
  2. a more detailed outline of what the library collects; and
  3. stagement of policy on other collection management issues.

By the way, my library DOES have a collection policy, and we do stick to it ( I wonder if it was more a description of what we do which does make it relevant 😉 and I do use it, especially for pruning. 😦 It was made by the T.L. just after she did ETL 503 )

NOTE TO SELF FOR TASK< this is policies, not necessarily procedures.

Debowski, S. 2001. Collection management policies.

WE must support ALL levels of student ability. (this is why I donated a Little Miss book to the library 😛 )

Nice dot points of what we should include in a CM.policy. I like this one, I think I shall compare my head TLs policy to it. and this one, oh TALE how we love thee.

Williams, C.L. Dillon K ( 1993) Prepairing for the censor.

We have censorship policy at my school, so that is a start. Does it conform to these guidelines though.

Hoffman, F.W> & Wood, R.J. (2007) intellectual freedom.

Thats a lot of examples on how to deal with censorship. WE get few complaints at my school… maybe we are being too boring ( nah, can’t be, you should see some of my graphic novels 😉 or the parents just no care.

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