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Module 6: Collection Evaluation. ETL503

Posted by arlekeno on May 9, 2010

After reading this link from Arizona State LIbraries I want to know the average age and borrowing stats of my collection! Would also be helpful to get lots of Data, I heard Lynn Hay speak at the MANTLE conference at Newcastle Town Hall on Friday and she made the need for Data seem urgent.

Kennedy Chapter 5: Work to the guidelines. is why we have them!

I have to admit to thinking of everything in terms of how we can justify our funding and positions. I am tempted to get a people counter and sit at the library desk and see who comes in over the course of a week.

pg 93 is a useful how to. AND Page 102/3 has how to review Digital stuff!

Bishop K: opening paragraph says it all. School libraries are there for goals i.e the students, and we should evaluate how well the library does that.

Ok, 3 types of eval. 1) Collection centred ( going through stats and lists of what is in the collection) to check size, scope and depth. 2) Use Centred ( circulation stats, in house surveys)  and 3) Simulated use. (citation studies and document delivery? )

Good to note barries) 1: Belief that LIbrary work is unquantifiable. 2: time, 3: Librarians lack experience in data collection. 4: Fear of what we may find. 5: What to do with results?

SO MANY TYPES OF WAYS TO COLLECT INFO! The shelf availability study catches my interest, that could be ongoing.

Hughes-Hassell & Mancall (e-book, pp. 40-43) which urges teacher librarians to ensure that any collection evaluation undertaken focuses ‘on how well the collection meets the needs of users and supports the teaching-learning context’ (p.40). They stress that what ever methodologies are employed they should be adapted to/focused upon this purpose. THIS SHOULD BE BLEEDING OBVIOUS TO ALL!

But is interesting point in that even though I am a distant student I often use the catalog and E-Books.

Also, maybe people not using library means they are not writing good essays! I am going to print these 3 pages out, they are great!



I like the idea of collection mapping, Oasis should do a lot of it, and will give us a guide, though will not give us info on who is using what specifically, and certain areas in the school are hardly needed, (i.e. we need a lot more 8and 9oos than we do 100s).

I think the User centred work is the most relevent but also the most difficult to do in the middle of a working library.

I would personally like to do surveys on past high – performers about their library use. Which is more than just the books, but ALL the uses of library.


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