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Module 5: Weeding/Deselection.

Posted by arlekeno on May 4, 2010

Only keep what is useufl to the needs. Obvious. But still, is hard to get rid of books ( Until I am completely sick of them and want them gone).

I am agreeing with everything Kennedy says, I just dislike that in NSW schools we HAVE to throw the things away. For example an underused or irrelevant  text for us, could be used elsewhere.

BIBLIOCLOTHANASIA>>> Death by overcrowding of books.

Dillon seems to have good info on weeding. Very specific. and relevent to TLs. Weed it. I like it. Easy to understand and the link worked. I also like the “What type of weeder are you?” in 

Selection and deselction are almost the same thing. Not buying a book can be compared to culling it.

My school has a policy, Seems to support the readings. YAY MY HEAD TL.


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