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Module 4:Funding.

Posted by arlekeno on April 27, 2010

For funding we need a budget. We need to plan what to collect, To manage the process of what actually happens during budgeting and collection and a control to measure our success of goals in monetary terms.. Not sure how to do this in terms other than saying we bought all we need and still have money.

(Lamb and Jonshon) The Key issue in my school is a) getting more money from Executive who IGNORE any stats or information they are given. b) Getting the Front office to pay our bills and remit money owed to us and not the whole school. … ALl else is pretty obvious and already done.

Debowski makes a good point. If we are accountable ( i.e. less airy fairy) we stand a better chance of keeping budgets. We do ned to publish the outcomes we want (pg309) and say yes we have done it.

Also believe librarians should try to advocate for their budget ( even when being ignored by executive and even though most teachers are not trained for that sort of thing). I would really like to know how the budget is allocated for Library. Thank goodness we get on well with the P & C.

I am liking this idea of number of resources per user in specific ares of need. COuld be useful thing to do when I get my own library to myself in a new school.


I agree with the objects addressesd, but think we do that anyway.


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