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Module 2: Selecting Resources to Support Teaching and Learning.

Posted by arlekeno on March 26, 2010

Kennedy Pg33-35. yes we have to select the right books for policy and we all enjoy it. Tell me somthing we don’t know. Pages 35-42: Had not heard of suppliers demanding old versions of CD-roms be destroyed.  and I think Digitial stock CAN be harder to select.  It is interesting to think about things being part of the library collection which are not in teh library and we have no control over.

For future reference, I LOVE encyclopedias. Even if they are information frozen in time by todays standards… They are also ACCURATE, which can’t be said for the internet a lot.

Activity:  Consider if the print format is of diminishing significance and value in school libraries? Do we need to focus more on adding digital resources to the collection, and on digital collections, to meet the needs of users?

Yes we do, preferably cheaply. But not for a while yet. Since E-readers penetration s not that big and people prefer paper. But for research, High School students love teh computers.

Read the reading by Latham and Poe (e-reserve) which considers four types of e-resources

Digital resources: it is still our job to Select these things!! internet sites: I like the 3 click rule, and all the stuff about readability and currency. E-books: I say lets just use free ebooks. E_journals and Databases: again, navigation, ease of use. I also like the issue raised, once you stop paying, you loose access to all the years you DID pay for.

Figure one of module 2, the flowchat, looks very useful to explain selection to non-biblios

Activity: Consider how you as a teacher librarian could best obtain the data needed to provide a clear and specific understanding of these aspects of your school and current collection? Is it a task that you, as teacher librarian, could be expected to undertake alone? (find out about the learning community, characteristics etc).

Well we could look t naplan results, special needs students information, but I think most of it would come from working with classes and teachers, I don’t think we could do it alone.

Kennedy Pg 42-44: I am thinking about my school where the support staff also hlep chose ( mostly for clickview). I also did not see much talk of suggestions.

Activity Consider how the teacher librarian might effectively collaborate with the school community in the selection of resources in your school or in a school with which you are familiar. Who should have the final say on what is included? Why?

I like the idea of going to faculty meetings (if that can be arranged) or the survey idea from readings in module 1. Overall responsibility falls to the TL, because they are the one who hs the responsibility in the roll statement, they are the one with the expertese in selection, and if the job is done wrong, they are the ones who could loose it.

Kennedy pg 44-49: Yup, lots of ways to select there.

had a look at the book trusted website, looks interesting. Especially the graphic novels.

Looking at Hughes-Hassel and mancall 2005, has to be good, but above all, match what I need and can afford.

selection aid should meet the same standards as a text book I suppose, who made it, who reviewed it, who else uses it and recomends it?

Kennedy pg 49- 54: I like the 3 (coz its short)

  1. Reputation of Authors, Publishers and producers (AND COST!!)
  2. Content: Scope and bredth
  3. Format and special features.  (quality? and arrangements included?

It is interesting that so much of what applies to digital resources applies to print etc. But we must know the LICENCING and TECHNICAL issues. Again I think Cost and approrpriate are more important then Best, but maybe what is the most appropriate changes what BEST means.


Dave jenkins, 2002: Censorship: Love it, Selection adds, censorship takes away.

Doug Johnson, Censorship by ommission 2010: Snakes in the grass.


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