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Happy new year, Time to REsource the Curriculum.

Posted by arlekeno on February 22, 2010

Welcome back, this year I am resourcing the curriculum, back in my beloved library as a Temp and not a casual and actually ahead of the game, my subejct notes for ETL 503 are not even online yet šŸ˜€

I am currently working on a State accredited trainers course, which has a dreadful set up making things impossible to find. But Hopefully I will have that finished soon and can get into my text book.

Library news is looking grim, NSW dept of Ed is starting to like the idea of not having Trained TLs in schools so I am wondering why I sohould be doing a Masters to add $$$ to my debt when the role of TL may not exist soon.

In happier news, the ASLA NSW state library day is on next weekend and there is a BRILLIANT presentation on E-books in High schools you should go see.


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