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Fullan Chap 6: Making Coherence.

Posted by arlekeno on October 24, 2009

Change happens, We have to deal with it. Letting go and reining in.

The four principles of a living system (pg160)

  1. EQUILIBRIUM is a precursor to death. Not responsive and thus at Risk.
  2. In Threat or opportunity, Living things move towards the EDGE OF CHAOS. more experimentation and more possible solutions.
  3. When Excited, living things SELF-ORGANISE and the new EMERGES.
  4. Living systems cannot be DIRECTED along a linear path. Unforeseen consequences are inevitable. The challenge is to DISTURB them in a way to get your desired outcome.

SO, We need to create the disturbance we want.

Many organisations innovate too much with no coherence/coordination.

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