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Conclusion; Fullan Chap 7.

Posted by arlekeno on October 20, 2009

We need to learn over time, have leaders at all levels, and the mark of a good leader is how many leaders they leave behind.

I like this idea of negative capability, to wait in the face of incomprehension. its how I do my essays 😀

Slow knowing appeals to me, absorb over a long period and make lots of small changes. Though I wonder if I often go off as soon as I understand a point.

LEARNING IN CONTEXT! I agree completely, especially in teaching which I think should be an apprenticeship, not just a degree.

I do agree training is essential for keeping teacher standards high. I would also say that classroom teachers, not just principals should do inter-class visits and see how other teachers teach within in their own school, having worked as a casual, Special needs support teacher and a Librarian I have been able to see a lot of different methods of teaching.PRIVACY OF PRACTICE PRODUCES ISOLATION; ISOLATION IS THE ENEMY OF IMPROVEMENT (pg195). modeling and mentoring ARE crucial.

Pg 201 sounds interesting. The level of complexity of society has exceeded the complexity of any one person in it. Does this mean we can’t cope in the modern world on our own? It would explain why we need more leaders.

Well, that is the completion of all readings and now the only thing to do is finish my last assignment for the year.  Gxis la revido mia amikoj.


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