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Strategic planning.

Posted by arlekeno on October 11, 2009

(R14p171) Davies, BJ & Davies, B 2005, “The strategic dimensions of leadership”.

Strategic leaders have the organizational ability to:

  • Be strategically oriented; See the big picture as well as what is going on in the present. BUT must strategy must be developed with others, no going it alone.
  • Translate strategy into action; awakening, envisioning, rearchitecturing.
  • Align people and organizations; Set goals, create meaning, communicate!
  • Determine effective strategic intervention points;
  • Develop strategic capabilities.

Strategic leaders have the personal characteristics which display:

  • Dissatisfaction or restlessness with the present; I KNOW THIS FEELING!
  • Absorptive capacity;
  • Adaptive capacity;
  • Leadership wisdom.

(R15p183) Welch, L. 2006 “Groundwork: The situation Analysis”, in 51 weeks: A marketing handbook for librarians, Centre for information studies.  Wagga Wagga, NSW p25/43

Analyse the here and now. Pretty obvious but important. SWOT. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Thinking about this for my library is a challenge. I guess we do all the things a library should do well, but people still search the less reliable internet for information over books? I guess that is where we need to promote ourselves… An anti-internet campaign! 😛

A good mission statement can be good? Only to make us think about what we should already be thinking about. A bad mission statement makes us look like idiots… Can you tell I read too many DILBERT cartoons?

Recognition of Library performance depends on the context of the goals of the parent organisation (pg188/29).  I doubt too many people within the parent organisation think of the library unless they want to use its resources for something else ( CYNIC!) in which case doing our jobs according to the parent ogranisation of the parent organisation becomes difficult.

What do our customers/students need? (not what we think they should want/need).

These proformas are very appealing. I wish to use them!

(R16p203) Beare, H 2001 “Building a manifesto for the school as a provider”, In CREATING THE FUTURE SCHOOL, Routledge/Falmer, London, pp113/27

This Charter school movement has always been vague to me. Hopefully this article will clear things up. Also I did not know about the move in Vic to let schools develop their own charter.

Ok, the explanation of what a CHARTER is on pg 206  as relating to schools make sense, as a school, we are expected to provide this, and within this area we have these rights/responsibilities, outside of which we don’t. For a school it is.

  1. What the school is and what it is not;
  2. What the school hopes to achieve, especially as learning outcomes for its students, within a certain time frame; and
  3. How it intends to organise and use its resources to achieve those outcomes.

I wonder if this would work on a school to school basis in NSW. In the school you can do this and not have to worry about the local board. I think a lot of schools would cut programmes such as art and music, if USA movies are anything to go by. Ah, Mr Hollands Opus, a great flick. HOWEVER, if anything we are going the other way in Australia, look at the plan for a National curriculum.

OOhh, mission statements should not be more than 25 words!I like that. I shall give it a go. My libraries mission statement is to

Provide students a place to  study, socialise and enjoy learning, with access to information specialists and up to date information.

Not a bad attempt, only 20 words.I wonder if I should change Place, to Safe Environment.

Looking at Fitzroy North’s Point one from its charter (p214/123) It mentions self-esteem and growth. Lets see Merit based pay address that!

(R17p219) Balnaves, PA 1998, Appendix C, In Strategic planning guide for self managing schools. NCISA, Deakin, ACT, pp. 76-88


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