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Sergiovanni and Gibbs.

Posted by arlekeno on October 6, 2009

Sergiovanni, T 2000, “Deep change and the power of localism”

Not every organisation is the same. So what works for business won’t necessarily work for a school.

Bureaucracies, Markets and Clans. People can’t decide where a school falls, so business (market) change models won’t work.

Constrained or unconstrained view of humanity? Well, I will always do what is best for the kids, but I want to be paid for it too.

There is a lot of sense in constraints though.But it is better if we can get people working for the common good of communities as well.

Sergiovanni recommends COMMUNITY theories of change over market. Market forces are not appropriate for schools role in promoting social interests.

Gibbs, R 2003 “Reframing the rolel of the teacher-librarian”.

Interesting to say that schools tend to be set in ways. We all are. But Good talk of FRAGMENTATION. Discreet subject areas, teachers operating alone, little co-ordination across the whole.

We need to restructure ( reculture?) to become more collaborative, and the TL can be a big help to a Principal in this. Flexible timetabling, collaborative teaching, staging etc.

This article repeats a lot of last semester.


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