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Fullan Chap 4: Building Relationships.

Posted by arlekeno on October 6, 2009

IF relationships improve, things get better… So a leader must be a relationship builder.

We have to be linked internally and externally. Sometimes overlooked ( e.g. Monsanto company).

Essential components of creating relationships (pg79)

  1. Setting clear standards.
  2. Expecting the Best.
  3. Paying Attention
  4. Personalizing recognition.
  5. Telling the Story.
  6. Celebrating together.
  7. setting the example.

I think of the leaders I liked best, And they did care about people. The leaders I disliked the most were inflexible about personal issues.

Any change that doesn’t take into account personal relationships is not going to be taken well.

The idea of professional learning communities in terms of faculties within schools interests me. (pg87) I have been in a faculty where we all shared lessons and had regular meetings. It worked well, we knew where we were and were happy to talk to each other. I have also been in very solo faculties, not as social, not as fun, and not as effective.

Leaders need to APPRECIATE THE RESISTANCE. (gives you new ideas and breakthroughs). Resistance must be appreciated and worked with, not quashed. (pg 98 for ways to work).


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