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What did I know about the TL as leader?

Posted by arlekeno on September 21, 2009

Well, what did I know?

I knew that is many schools that the TL was considered a leader, which made sense. TLs have staff and budgets, just like head teachers. They also manage a space and have specialised skills.

Many of the readings from last semester talked about TLs in leadership roles, leading teams (especially literacy and curriculum) and in some cases being invovled with executive decisions.  <not that this happens at all schools, by any means>


i am used to systems which are like a pyramid. Head man and deps, then heads of departments, then individual teachers. the boss says what he wants, people below do it while middle management make sure it happens.

IF everyone knows what they are meant to do, and does it, the system works failry well. (IF)

This is where the system falls down though. If people do not know what is going on, or there is no consistency in actions being carried out, things fall apart. A situation some schools know all too well (when know one knows what they can do, or what is going on, and if a kid is sent to a sent to a higher authority action is not gaurenteed).

I haver pretty much avoided management books though, so much of management theory are all new to me.

I knew we had committees (but not about quality circles or phrases like flatter management structure).  I did know there were various stuyles of leaders and that each new fad had their name for them. E.g., Autocratic/democratic. Duck/Goose etc.

Most of my management training had come from Charity group training days.



I have always been suspicious of team work. Mainly due to the difficulty of organising a suitable time and because of the various agendas of people on teams.

When they have worked though, I think they need a clear leader, or at least a strong chair.  Good communication and a good boss exte4rnally asserting control to make sure it all works… sometimes you do need a referee.


Strategic planning.

I must admit I have not thought about Strategic planning at all. To me it is thinking looking at what you wnat to do, what you think it will do in the long run and trying to make it happen.

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