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Fullan Chap 2: MORAL PURPOSE.

Posted by arlekeno on September 11, 2009

Moral purpose: Why we do things.

To strive to improve the quality of how we live together is a purpose of the highest moral order. (pg11)

People with a Moral purpose… Ghandi, martin Luthor king.  (all had substance, moral underpinnings etc).

Effective people have both selfish and unselfish morals. a “motivational pluralism” I want to teach the future, but I also want to get piad for it.

the strategies used in the national literacy case study could just as easily be transfered over the the Springboard language education programme.

I think the most obvious example of Moral Change backfiring could be the WHAM of Vietnam. Win Hearts and minds, may hvae created many a guerilla. And maybe teh same could be said for the middle east incursions. 

Pg 23 Key points about leadership and moral purpose.

Effective leaders have moral purpose, it relates to both MEANS and END.

Co-operative groups thrive, selfish ones don’t.

Moral pluralism is okay.


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